5 Ingredient Chicken Sausage Pasta Bake

My first dinner recipe with 5 ingredients is here for your #fueledupfam using chicken sausage and pasta!

Nothing beats a meal you can put together with simple ingredients that takes under 30 minutes. I cooked this meal while my kids were eating lunch. Husband puts it in the oven at dinner time- foolproof! I make one of these meals at least once or twice a week if I’m working at night.

Before the oven

I used 2 different pastas that were half empty to make this dish. I love this pow pasta because they’re made out of red and green lentils and quinoa flour. They have twice as much protein as traditional wheat pasta with 14g in a serving and 7g fiber. I love this! It tastes good too and I have no complaints from the family.

IMG_1910 (2)

I cook the sausage in oil while the pasta is cooking. This cuts down on time but be sure to set a timer so you don’t overcook the pasta. I like putting handfuls of spinach in my strainer and then drain the pasta over the spinach. This helps slightly steam the spinach so it’s ready to be baked.

Steam spinach under cooked pasta

Mix everything together in your pasta cooking pan (save on dishes). Give it a stir so the pasta gets incorporated with the other ingredients. I like to get a garlic or italian flavored chicken sausage so I don’t have to worry about adding spices to the dish, though I’m sure it would help enhance the flavors. Really shooting for simplicity here.

Mixing everything together

I like to add a little cheese while mixing to blend everything together. Again the italian flavored cheese helps mold the dish together easily. Topping the bake with a sprinkle of cheese is also a must.

Can’t forget the cheese


My husband somehow scooped his plate with the least amount of spinach. Hm, oh well. More for me!

Do you have any favorite, quick, 5 ingredient dinners you make? What do you do to make dinner time easier but still healthy? I’d love to hear what you do for your family, let me know!

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