About Kara

When I’m not making something in the kitchen you can find me hanging out with my 3 favorite guys (2 littles and 1 husband) or at the gym (Milestone Fitness in Easton Ma). I’m a personal trainer and health coach for the past 5 years and love what I do. Lifting heavy weights and getting strong has been a fun outlet for me and I encourage everyone to find some way to move their body that they truly enjoy. I’ve dabbled in powerlifting and love challenging myself to lift heavy. Spinning will always have a special place in my heart- there’s just something about loud music and getting your heart rate up, am I right? After growing up as an athlete you know I’m up for a good competitive game in anything.

Dana Marshall Photography

Other than cooking and lifting I love to do crafts (Pinterest is my jam), read, go hiking, spend time with my big family and finding new activities to do with my 2 boys. I’m very passionate about raising them to eat real foods and not falling to the standards that society places on kids food. Setting a good example of a healthy, balanced life is something I take pride in and hope to accomplish as they grow up.