Hi! Welcome to my healthy eating blog!

Hi there! I’m Kara. Being a personal trainer and health coach, I tend to talk to people about food- A LOT. I’m a huge foodie. I love making new recipes I find, creating new ones when I get inspiration from browsing recipes, and new food ingredients. My recipes almost always need to be healthy with some treats thrown in here and there (hello chocolate) but I like to think that homemade is always better than store bought or processed ingredients. I think creating healthy recipes can be easy with the right mindset and ingredients. Not aiming for perfection in recipes is important and I love experimenting with an open mind. Colorful food provides the variety our bodies need and makes you excited to eat.

2 of the things I hear most when I talk to people about my food is:

1- Kara, come cook for me!

2- HOW do you do it?

I want to let you know: YOU CAN DO IT! I’m not a chef. I find easy, healthy recipes and make sure I always have ingredients to easily put something together. Giving myself 20-30 minutes to cook dinner (insert tv/nap time/dad time) is crucial. Making my family healthy food is important to me since we are all active either playing sports or in the gym. My other passion is lifting weights so I like to make sure my meals are fueling me in that aspect as well.

My hopes for the blog is to inspire you to make healthy meals for:

Your family (#fueledupfam #familyfuel)

Your kids (#fueledupkids #funkidfuel)

YOU! (#fueledupforme #allaboutme)

Let’s get cooking!

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