My Favorite Things

These are my 3 go-to recipe books when I need inspiration. The America’s Test Kitchen was given to me by my stepmom, Elise, and has all the essential basic cooking recipes in it. Anytime I’m unsure about a recipe I grab this book for guidance. Danielle Walker’s was one of the first books I bought for myself when it was recommended to me by my boss, Jenna. I love her recipes for easy, healthy meals for the family that use ingredients I typically never had before. 100 days of real food was a book I asked for for Christmas and got from my sister, Paula. The reason I love this book is her simplicity in the recipes and family friendly ideas.


I use the ninja blender system basically every day. The small cups get the most use due to their ease of storage and quick clean up. I blend my oats, smoothies, pancake mix, veggies- you name it. I use the bigger blender when making almond milk or a smoothie for the whole family. The bowl attachment is perfect for mixing breads and cookies.

Isopure is the protein I use during/after my workouts. The vanilla flavor blends nice with whatever I’m in the mood to mix it with (gatorade, coconut water, juice, coffee). Kodiak cakes are another hit for pre/post workout meals and my kids love them. I like to use it when baking quick muffins or breads. Peanut Butter and Co makes the best flavored peanut butter and the ingredient list is low- the way it should be.