Smoothie Bowls

Today’s #fueledupforme is brought to you by my newest obsession: SMOOTHIE BOWLS! I know you’re thinking, Kara, just drink the smoothie! But listen. Chewing signals your body to start the digestion process by releasing enzymes needed to digest. It really all starts in your mouth. If you’re considering this a meal, your body needs to act like it’s a meal. So next time you have a smoothie, try swishing it in your mouth a little before you slurp the whole thing down.

Anyways-back to the bowl! Topping your smoothie with fruits, granola, protein bars and [my fav] peanut butter will help fulfill that need. I love getting creative with different fruit and toppings for my bowls. The base is usually the same.

  • 1/2cup frozen blueberries/strawberries/mangos
  • 1/2cup frozen cauliflower
  • 1/4 cup almond milk

What the what? Cauliflower?? I thought the same thing. But this veggie is so versatile you can’t really taste it when it’s masked with the blueberries. It has a lot of benefits to it as well such as being a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Sometimes I need to add a little more milk as I go to get everything mixed up. Occasionally I’ll put a scoop of greek yogurt or protein powder in the base of my bowl as well to get some more protein in the meal. Careful when you add yogurt or powder because you’ll need to add more milk. It can turn into a fight with the blender getting the consistency thick but it’s worth the fight.

I love to have this either before or after my workout. The carbs from the blueberries and whatever toppings I decide on (granola, more fruits) are a great way to replenish my glycogen stores after working out or fuel me to get ready for a workout. It’s an easy meal to put together quickly- you don’t have to make them look fancy but it makes it fun!

Give it a try and let me know how you like them! #fueledupforme #fueledupformebowl


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