Weekly Eats 1/31/18

I haven’t been posting many recipes on here as I’d like mainly because I can’t photograph my dinners as easily as I usually do since the sun is down before we eat! I hate that part about winter. So I’ve mostly been sharing my breakfast and lunches on Instagram since they photograph better. But I thought doing a weekly eats once a month or so to give an idea of things I’m having (without the nice pics most of the time) would still be fun to do. I love seeing what other people eat so I figured some of you may feel the same.


We went to NH this weekend for Travis’ first time skiing. He did good and said he liked it, so hopefully we can continue practicing with him. When we went to dinner at a local pub, I got this taco salad below. I opted for no sour cream or olives and it had a layer of taco chips on the bottom. It was SO good! I didn’t want something that would make me feel gross and I needed some vegetables. Yes that’s Ryan eating a buffalo chicken calzone across from me (I had a bite, it wasn’t that great). We both got tequila with half sour mix and half soda water, they were quite necessary after being on the mountain entertaining a 2 year old and getting a 5 year old ready to ski.


When we got home Sunday I was ready to do some prepping for the week. I don’t normally prep like this since I’m home when I need to eat, but I was in the mood to make up some salads. Having cut up veggies makes it easier for the kids and I to eat for lunch and snacks. I boiled chicken for the salads (which I put buffalo sauce on) and cooked the sweet potatoes in the instant pot.


I had some ground beef to use up so I made tacos Monday night. I added frozen roasted corn, diced tomatoes with chiles and some tomato sauce with taco seasoning. I had the broccoli and brussels I cooked Sunday on the side.


I made this smoothie Tuesday before heading into work for the night. It was soo chocolatey and perfect. The ingredients are over on my Instagram.

IMG_9194The next 6 pictures were my whole day of eating for Wednesday. I had about 3/4 cup egg whites and 1 fried egg with bacon and avocado for breakfast. I love having egg whites this way for the extra protein with a little runny yolk of a whole egg, makes it more enjoyable for me to eat.


I stopped at a local farm stand that’s open in the winter to grab some fruits and vegetables. This honeycrisp apple looked amazing so I had to have it (& of course share half with my Evan, who wants what everyone has).


For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on deli thin bread with mustard and threw this small salad together quickly. I used this avocado oil as the dressing with some sea salt.


When I’m home with the kids I tend to bake. Usually I get them to help me but Evan really just made a mess of everything and Travis was playing with his new lego set. I still managed to make this chocolate chip cookie bread that I found from a library cookbook, which I didn’t really love, but did have a slice of.  IMG_9212

I love love purely elizabeth granola. Usually I’ll get the dark chocolate one but they were out so I tried this blueberry hemp. It’s really good on top of yogurt which I had as a mid day snack. Siggi’s yogurt is super creamy and has a decent amount of protein in it so I’ll usually get a few when they’re on sale.


For dinner I made spaghetti squash in the instant pot (cut in half, spoon out seeds, manual 8-10 minutes depending on size with 1 cup water) and sautéed some chicken sausage, onion, pepper, diced tomatoes and Italian seasoning together until cooked then added some spinach. I love this meal and so does Ryan (kids just got pasta with leftover chicken).


I try to buy steak every week or two to switch up the protein. Tons of steamed veggies on the side and just a small portion of some of the leftover sweet potato. This was dinner Thursday night.

IMG_9242.jpgI was really craving some sushi so I got some Friday night with my sister. We tried the spicy tuna and Philadelphia roll which were both really good.

IMG_9254For the superbowl I made these beet brownies that I found from FitFoodieFinds. They were sooo good. I used coconut and almond flour and it had no added sugar. Hopefully I don’t eat them all! GO PATS!







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